A Hectic Week for News Report Assignment

Recently, I had a collaboration project with a student from the University of Queensland. Her name is Chantelle and her major is Journalism. This project not only performed by me and her, but all Journalism students at UI and the students from UQ (University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia).

So, my classmates and I, have an assignment to produce a news report, a TV package. We must do the assignment with the other student, which is the students from UQ. This was challenging for us because we aren’t only their partner but also their interpreter (if the source can’t understand and speak English). For me, I wasn’t thinking too much about how hard it would be (in fact: we have to chase the sources, do the interview, save some footage, and later do the editing) but I was more wondering what kind experience I can give with Chantelle. I really want to make Chantelle know my country so well.

The UQ students stayed for ten days. And before Chantelle came to Jakarta, we got acquainted with e-mail. After the basic things for introduction ourselves. We discussed what topic we want to make. Through the e-mail, chatting via LINE and FB, and free call we agreed to make a news report regarding politics in Indonesia. The exact theme is young voters in Indonesia’s elections.

I was getting some footage at KPU (The General Election Committee of Indonesia)

I’m very grateful to know her. Chantelle is very kind and quite similar to me. We have the to same interest in some issues in journalism, like the more the war in conflict areas, poverty, human welfare, politics, international, etc. We are a details person and very neat. But I think Chantelle neater rather than me. We like to well organized and prepare for everything. But somehow, she is more prepared. She told me, “We have to prepare for ‘just in case’ things”.

Through this assignment we became so close and sharing everything. We discussed, we did arguments, and sharing knowledge about everything. I’m happy because of this opportunity I get another knowledge, like how people in Brisbane, the current condition in there, etc.

However, we had a lot of unique experience when we were doing this assignment. For example, we made an appointment with Mr. Arief Budiman (the Chairman of KPU), but due to his busy schedule, we did many reschedule. We went to KPU like three times, and thanks GOD, at the end we can interviewed him also the others commissioners. The other things, like I’ve contacted some legislative members from Golkar Party, PSI (new party in Indonesia), and some party that I don’t want to mention.


I was little bit upset because the bureaucracy in Indonesia is very hard. Even if you are a  student and from a reputable university and already give a legal letter… they still so hard to reachable. I was a disappointed, I already gave an explanation with a good intention, but some people just ignore us (me and Chantelle). I did contact them from a long time ago, like 2 or 3 weeks before Chantelle arrive in Indonesia. But they didn’t reply.

From all the list of my sources, I’ve interviewed Mr. Arief Budiman (thankfully he is so nice and always respond me. FYI, I directly contacted him through WhatsApp, he is so humble. Good government), Ade Armando, he is my lecturer, and Public Relations Secretariat of Golkar Party (we got a lot of data from him. Chantelle was vey satisfied, well me either. I did contact the best spokesperson of Golkar, but he didn’t reply me. Maybe to busy), the high school students (because they are young voters), and finally the Secretary General of PSI, Raja Juli Antoni.

Chantelle, Mr. Anton, and me

A funny story, when I contacted PSI, I contacted PSI DPP Chairwoman, Tsamara Amany through her WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter. She didn’t reply. Then, Chantelle and I went to the PSI Office. There weren’t any people at there, and the receptionist asked me to send an email and call them later, I did. But still no reply?! Again, I went there and got nothing. So, I used a fast track:) What was it?

I asked a help from my teacher who know the internal of PSI. And VIOLA! Relation is really important! He called them, and we got the chance to interview! And after that, I did complain to them. Well, they are soon to be part of Indonesian legislatives, of course they need to hear people voice right? I mean the true representative should not ignore the people… They have an obligation to listen to public’s voice, because they must remember the principle of democracy, “from the people, by the people, and for the people”.

In the end, although I lacked in many ways due this collaboration program, but I got a chance to make a news report and deal directly with state officials. I just can’t wait for another chance like this ^^.




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