What did I do in Yalta International Economic Forum? Part 1

Recently, I went to Russia to attend Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF) which held from April 18-20th. I stayed at a resort city on the south coast of the Crimean Peninsula surrounded by the Black Sea, and one of the regions within Crimea, which called Yalta. I think, my experience in Crimea become a decisive moment in my life. Many things happen there. Especially, I get great new relations. Many important people, like government, businessman, entrepreneur, media, and of course the youths from around the world attended the YIEF. But, before I tell the stories about the YIEF, and what I did in there, I’ll tell you about how I can attend the forum:)

Let’s a little flashback for the early April. So, at that time I was preparing my event at the university. I was a Project Manager for that event. The event was Pekan Komunikasi 2018. Pekan Komunikasi is a national competition for all university students in Indonesia. The event has some series of events, like a seminar, workshop, company visit, and the competition itself (the final). Actually, the name “Pekan” means a week. And the finalists who pass the selection phase would come to the University of Indonesia in Depok. The main event was held from April 16-20, so it was a full week.

Meanwhile, I was busy to managing the preparation from my team, Fauzan called me (read the story about Fauzan in this link) and asked if I can replace him at the YIEF. In the early year, Fauzan already asked me to attend the Youth Forum at the YIEF, but I denied because of the main event of Pekom. But yes, suddenly in the middle of my class, he called. Firstly, he messaged through WhatsApp and then called. He can’t attend due to his flight ticket. He already bought a flight ticket to Moscow but the date was April 21. And due to that issue, he would like to recommend me to the committee (YIEF participants were those who get invited). After the shocking offered, I had a deep thought. I thought and considered plus and minus If I go to Russia. In the end, I took this opportunity because this opportunity does not necessarily come twice, right? And I told Fauzan that I agree, then he told the committee and… after the long process I went to Russia.

A few days later (after agreeing), I prepared my needs to Russia, including the permission from my university and visa approval. FYI, you need to buy the flight ticket to Russia first, only then you can apply for a visa to Russia. 

So, I left on the 18th of April night, Indonesia time, and after arriving in Moscow, I continued to fly to Crimea. It was a long journey, from Jakarta to Doha, Doha to Moscow, Moscow to the Crimea. And when I arrived at Simferopol Airport in Crimea, it took 2 hours to arrive at my hotel. Yes.. it was a very long journey… 

I arrived at the hotel late at night and went straight to the bedroom. One of the interesting things happened on that night, I had a new friend. Mazoon from Oman and Seleman from Tanzania. And luckily, I did not have to bother looking for my room which far enough from the hotel lobby, because Leman’s room was in front of my room.

2018-04-21 09.59.12 1.jpg
Seleman and I had a breakfast together

Anyway, I stayed at Yalta Intourist Hotel. The hotel was amazing! But I didn’t have any chance to explore the hotel. Meanwhile, the location is very strategic because you directly can see the view of the Black Sea. So sad:( 

Yalta Intourist Hotel / source: booking.com

Continue to part two..


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