What did I do in Yalta International Economic Forum? Part 2

Well, I’ll continue from part one… 

Actually, this event held youth day too. And that’s one of the reasons why youths are included in this event. Hmm, I think more or less like that. 

So, on the first day, I attended the opening ceremony of the forum — unfortunately, President Putin did not attend. And after that, I was able to attend the forum on the topic that according to my preference. Ah, and the forum was held at Mriya Resort. Trust me, It was very windy. And the temperature was like -10 or -11 degree Celcius. Anyway, more photos or video check my Instagram account^^

Amazing resort in Crimea!

Back then, I had to attend four sessions of the forum and of course, the topics were different in each session. Firstly, I attended “Infrastructure of Comfort: New Stage of Urban Development”, this topic more about the development of Russia which aimed an urban environment. This session discussed the smart city, how it suppose to be, how smart city Russia (especially in Moscow), how to develop the smart city in Crimea, the comparison with another country, etc. I think it was very interesting because I can know the current condition of infrastructures development in Russia also Austria. Well, because of the Speakers not only from Russia but also from Austria. 

The second session, I wanted to attend it but I missed… Well, due to lunch time and it was very hectic and crowded — I spent too much time on lunch and the next session was missed. I was not alone at that time. I had a lunch with a friend and become closer and still keep in touch until now. I’ll tell it at another post^^. So, I directly attended the third session, and this is one of my favorites. Why? Because this is my life, my field of study.. could you guess? Yes, it related to Journalism. The topic was “Confidence Crisis in The Era of Fake News”, this section discussed the phenomenon of fake newsmakers in this era. All the speakers were great, from Sputnik, Tass, RT, Al Mayadeen, and founder of the Pirate Party of Iceland (she also a politician). The issues were understandable and newly happened, like Facebook and President Trump, also news about Russia itself. But I think this session itself has minus factor. It would be greater if the organizer provides speakers from West media, like from US, England, or etc. Like I mentioned, the speakers mostly from Russian media ))

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And the last session was “Small Manufacturing Business Limitations and Opportunities”, but I didn’t give much attention to it. The topic mostly discussed the economic thing, hmm more business actually. I wanted to choose about winemakers in Crimea — I just knew Crimea is famous for its viticulture and winemaking. But in the end, I did not choose that topic. So, the last session finished at 7.30 pm, then at 8 pm, we had a gala. The gala more like another opening ceremony but much better. Like the name, there were a variety of performances that night, serving food, drinks, and certainly more relaxed. 

In the next day, I attended one session, “Future Through Youth Visioning”, it discussed youth as the future of the world, youth itself as potential human being and human capital assets, how to make young people more capable with independence and stability, their social behavior, etc. I’d love this session, the speakers more various representatives, from Russia, France, Africa, German, and US — as I remember. The session finished at 12 pm (Russia time). It was my last session and the last forum, then my group went to some places — historical and extraordinary places in Crimea! 

Last forum! ^^

For information, actually, I missed one day of the forum. The day I arrived in Russia, it was the first day of the forum. And it was all about the youth meetings… but my LO said it doesn’t matter as they booked my ticket flight schedule collided with the forum. 

So… my activity at YIEF not really hectic but fun! I got bits of knowledge, more insights, experiences, and new friends. In part one, I said this is one of my decisive moment. Why? Many new perspectives I got from this forum, not only through the forum but all because of the event. Especially, when I and my group had a trip together. End of story, I want to share some of my photos^^

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