Welcome to Waikiki … season 2! (part 2)

Let's continue from part 1 ... Shall we?

This post will be different like the others. Why? I usually review the drama after I watch. But, I will make a special post before the drama is release, which is tomorrow (March 25).

Many people ask about season two is the continuity of the season one or not. I will say … it is not. Same title but a different story. Perhaps this drama will be like Let’s Eat? One of the characters is the same, but the next season is filled with new characters and a new story.

Back to Waikiki, the drama is still about three men who run a guest house, Waikiki. But in the previous season, the lead character is Kang Dong Goo, which played by Kim Jung Hyun. In this season, the lead one is Lee Yi Kyung and of course, the role is still the same. In season one, Yi Kyung’s role is Lee Joon Ki. And he has the same character in season two! SO … the fans are excited because he is the only cast member from season one to return. And the other thing is the writer and the director of Welcome to Waikiki season two is the same as the previous one. And that’s why I thought maybe it will be like Let’s Eat

Welcome to Waikiki season 2 is about Lee Joon Ki, an unpopular actor, who runs the guest house Waikiki. But the guest house (again like the season 1) is facing bankcruptcy. Then, he invite his friends Cha Woo Sik (Kim Sun Ho) and Kook Ki Bong (Shin Hyun Soo) to invest in his guest house. They all graduated from the same high school.

And the other roles of course the women team. I don’t know their characters name yet. But these three women are Mun Ka Young (her recent successful character I think in Great Seducer, the one with Joy Red Velvet and Woo Do Hwan); Ahn So Hee (you may see her in Entourage drama or Train to Busan movie); and last Kim Ye Won. About Kim Ye Won, I saw her in many new drama like Suspicious Partner, Revolutionary Love, Rich Man (the drama that Suho EXO played!), and many more.

And that’s why although I’m not really excited about season two like I said before I still want to watch. Oh. And the other names of this drama is Laughter in Waikiki. You can search this drama with both names.

Closing my part 2 … if you want to watch the season two directly just watch it. But I recommend you to watch the first one first^^

And here it is the trailer!


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