Journalism Student Assignment

I will show you what kind of assignments  that I have made^^  

1. News coverage, writing the script, editing, and make a package for hard news, soft news, or feature for TV or Radio!

For news report either the output result as news or feature package, usually, the lecturer give order for group assignments rather than individuals. And here for the example (I only want to show one, OK^^)

2. Photo Journalism!

One of my favourite course all of the time! I got two best photography lecturer and they are cool in their way! Thanks to them I learn to get my eye sense for the object. You can check my journey through this article. But for some photos, check this out!


3. Print media production

“Print Media Production” was one of my course. I had to be a reporter, an editor, and somehow split the task with the design team and made infographics, write the news due to the deadline, etc … Wow, it was fun but also challenging. I was grateful for a little because, in that time, the lecturer didn’t ask us to do the live report. We (me and my classmates) can write and compel the news that already exists, but of course with a new angle story. And it would be perfect if we also do an interview with the source (and mostly my team and I did that). And pardon me but all the design of my print media not by me. It was my friends (and I’m not talented yet!).


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